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Marine Dredging

Busch Marine can solve your low water problems.

Efficient Mechanical Dredging

We remove only the sediment and place it directly on barges, trucks, or prepared spoil sites. There is no large volume of silt laden water run off as produced by hydraulic dredging.

We have the right equipment for any job.

Busch Marine has ABS offshore barges that carry up to 2500 tons for large Jobs and truckable sectional barges for small inland projects. 

  • 100 ton Clamshell Crane
  • 3 yard Long Reach Excavator
  • 8 yard Loaders and Trucking

Site Survey and Preperation

Busch Marine can prepare on site disposal areas and do before and after hydrographic surveys.

Busch Marine has 39 years experience in the marine industry, with an excellent safty record.

We have the right equipment and experienced operators. 

Ask About Dredge Now, Pay Later.

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