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        Barge Transportation

         on the Great Lakes


Busch Marine has been providing reliable transportation for 39 years. We have extensive experience with bulk cargos including stone, gypsum, pig iron, scrap steel, lumber, and logs. Project cargos have included steel structures, large machines, bridge super structures, and even the worlds largest telescope lens.  

Project Cargos

Large fully assembled machines or structures can be safely shipped on a Busch Marine barge, saving cost by avoiding field assembly.

Heavy Lift - Oversized - Overweight

There are no size or weight limits on what can be shipped by barge. Busch Marine has carried single pieces weighing 730 tons as well as a bridge structure 250 ft long and 42 feet high.

Bulk Cargo

Busch Marine operates self loading and self unloading barges that can hold stone, sand, steel, scrap, logs, lumber, gypsum, grain, breakwall stone, slag, landscape stone, and pig iron.

Flexibility - Go Anywhere

Busch Marine can go places ships and other vessels can not go. We do not require a "Port Facility", and can operate in as shallow as 3 feet of water empty and 10 feet of water loaded. Our roll on-off ramps permit us to go where there is no dock.

Certified Vessels - Safety

Busch Marine operates vessels certified by the American Bureau of Shipping and inspected by the United States Coast guard. We have the best safety record in the industry.

Loading - Unloading

We Provide a complete service loading and unloading our own vessels. 

Options Include:

  • 100 ton crane with lift, clamshell, graple, or magnets. 

  • 8 yard front loader

  • Roll-on, roll-off Ramp

  • 100 ft conveyor

  • 15 ton forklift

  • Hydraulic Material handler with 3 yd bucket or graple.

  • Experienced Operators

Complete Service


We make complicated shipments easy, JUST tell us where you want to go and we will make all the arrangements for docks, loading and unloading, cargo insurance, customs if necessary, and provide the right equipment.

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We make transportation easy

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