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Sectional Barges 

Sectional barges can be transported by truck to any work site where they can be assembled to make barges of any size. Busch Marine has sectionals as small as 5x10x2 to 10x40x5. We also have sections with a "drill slot" for soil drilling projects.

Construction Barges

Our conventional barges are double raked 8x36x13 and are equiped with spuds for use as crane or material barges.

ABS Offshore Barges

​Our offshore barges are certified by the American Bueru of Shipping for open water cargo transportation and are equiped with mooring winches, spuds, anchor winch and rool-on -off ramps. These deep notch barges can carry 2500 net tons and are 250x50x12.5.


Busch Marine can provide Tugs with experienced crews for any Marine activity including offshore towing, ice breaking, ship assistance, and salvage.

​Gregory J. Busch 4000 HP 150'x27'x14' ABS with towing Winch, ATB connection system, elevated pilot house.

Tugs include 


Barbara Merry Busch - 1400 HP 98'x26'x10' elevating Pilot house.

Edwin C. Busch - 350 HP 46'x14'x5' dredge tender.

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